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Introduction, Part 2

In the beginning...
- Telnet and connecting
- Creating a character
- Setting up your character

Basic MUX
- Help and News
- Say, Pose, and Page
- @Mail
- Enter and Leave

BMI Introduction
- Starting Up
- Heading and Navigate
- Speed
- Turning while Moving
- Dropping Prone
- Jumping
- Status

- Sensors and Weather
- Lock
- Scan
- Tactical
- Long Range Scan
- Arc of Fire
- Rotating Torsos

Sighting and Firing
- Weapons
- Melee Attacks
- Weapon Tics
- Gunnery Modifiers
- Hit Locations
- Heat
- The End

Fun With Macros
- Adding Sets
- Commands

Repair Corps Handbook
- !commands
- Damage, Repair, Fix
- Guns, Ammo, Other
- Scrapping
- 'Mech Information

3030 Scenario Information
Combat Unit Commands
What is 3030MUX?
Live, Eat, Breathe 3030MUX
"I Can Do It Better!"

3030MUX Training

There are over 140 commands that can be used to control a unit on 3030MUX. Fortunately, we have them all documented right here for when you need them. You can also type HELP (all capital letters) inside a Mech to get basically the same list. You do not need to memorize all of these to be able to pilot a unit, but you will definately learn them as you go along. Most of these commands have shortened versions, called macros.

Here is what all the symbols mean:

[ ] - Optional
< > - Required
| - Seperates different choices for arguments

Here is an example:

CHARGE [<target id> | -]

This can be:
  CHARGE AB     (where AB is the ID of the target)


HEADING [number] Sets the direction your unit faces (in degrees)
SPEED [walk | run | stop | back | flank | cruise] Sets the speed at which your unit is moving
LATERAL [fl | fr | rr | rl | -] Sets the direction your Quad Mech is moving
Use - to disable lateral movement
STAND Stands your Mech up after falling or going prone
PRONE Drops your Mech to the ground
JUMP [target-id | <bearing> <range>] Using an enemy ID: Perform Death From Above Attack
Using Bearing and Range: Use Jump Jets to move
ENTERBASE [n | w | s | e] Enter a hangar. Direction indicates which side to enter from.
ENTERBAY [ref] [baynumber] Enter a moving hangar, such as a DropShip.
Ref is the ID of the object. Baynumber can be 1, 2, or 3.


LISTCHANNELS Lists set frequencies and comtitles.
SENDCHANNEL <letter>=<message> Sends a message across channel A, B, C, D, or E.
RADIO <id>=<message> Sends a private message to one other unit with specified ID.
Target must be in Line-Of-Sight.
SETCHANNELFREQ <letter>=<number> Sets the frequency of a specified channel.
SETCHANNELTITLE <letter>=<title> Sets the title sent with every message.
SETCHANNELMODE <letter>=<mode code>  Sets specified channel's mode. Valid codes: D I U E S
and color codes.


LOCK [<id> | <x> <y> | <x> <y> <b | h | i | c> | -] Sets default target to specified unit ID or hex coordinate.
B: Target building. H: Target hex. I: Attempt to start a fire. C: Attempt to clear forest.
SIGHT <weapnum> [<target id> | <x> <y>] Calculate Base To Hit (BTH) of a weapon to a unit or hex without actually firing it.
FIRE <weapnum> [<target id> | <x> <y>] Fire a weapon at a unit or hex.
TARGET <section | -> Target a specific section of an enemy unit. Raises the BTH.
AMS <weapnum> Turn on/off Anti-Missile System, if present on unit.
ARTEMIS <weapnum> Turn on/off Artemis Fire Control System, if present on unit.
EXPLOSIVE <weapnum> Turn on/off Explosive Artillery Rounds, if present on unit.
FIRECLUSTER <weapnum> Turn on/off Cluster Artillery Rounds, if present on unit.
FIREMINE <weapnum> Turn on/off Mining Artillery Rounds, if present on unit.
FIRESMOKE <weapnum> Turn on/off Smoke Artillery Rounds, if present on unit.
FIRESWARM <weapnum> Turn on/off Swarm Long-Range-Missile Rounds, if present on unit.
FIRESWARM1 <weapnum> Turn on/off Swarm1 LRM Rounds, if present on unit.
HOTLOAD <weapnum> Turn on/off hotloaded LRMs. 
INFERNO <weapnum> Turn on/off Inferno Short-Range-Missle Rounds, if present on unit.
LBX <weapnum> Turn on/off LBX autocannon rounds, if present on unit.
NARC <weapnum> Turn on/off NARC missile rounds, if present on unit.
ULTRA <weapnum> Turn on/off ULTRA autocannon firing, if present on unit.
ADDTIC <tic num> <weapnum | lownum-highnum> Add a weapon to a tic. Tics allow grouping of weapons to make firing faster and easier.
CLEARTIC <tic num> Clear a tic of all weapons.
DELTIC <tic num> <weapnum> Delete a specific weapon from a tic.
FIRETIC <num> [<target id> | <x y>] Fire a specific tic (all weapons on the tic) at a unit or hex coordinate.
LISTTIC <num> List the weapons in a tic.


BRIEF [<letter> <value>] Shows or sets the autocontact and contact formatting for your unit. BRIEF alone will show the letters and current values.
CONTACTS [<prefix> | <target id>] Displays a list of all units currently in line-of-sight. Prefix will restrict which ones you see on the list. Use a target id if you wish to see a specific unit.
CRITSTATUS <section> Display information about critical hits on your mech.
REPORT [<target id> | <x y>] Show information about a unit or a hex.
SCAN [<target id> | <x y> | <x y> <b | h>] Display information about another unit or hex. If a hex, then B: information about base in specified hex, or H: units in hex.
SENSOR [long | [<v | l | i | e | s> <v | l | i | e | s>]] Display current sensors, statistics and information on current sensors or set the primary and secondary sensors. V: Visual, L: Light Amplification, I: Infrared, E: Electromagnetic, S: Seismic.
STATUS [a | i | w] Display vital information about your own unit.
VIEW [<target id>] View painting (if present) on another unit.
WEAPONSPECS Display damage, heat, range, and recycle time about your weapons.


BEARING [<x y>] [<x y>] Show the bearing to a specified hex.
ETA [<x> <y>] Estimated Time of Arrival to a hex, in tics.
Double value to get minutes.
FINDCENTER Show distance from center of hex.
NAVIGATE Show hex and surrounding 5x5 hexes in detail.
RANGE [<x y>] [<x y>] Display range in hexes to a specified hex.
LRS <m | t | e> [<bearing> <range> | <target-id>] Display the long-range map. M: show mechs T: show only terrain. E: Show elevations.
TACTICAL [<bearing> <range> | <target id>] Display map of area around your unit.


EXPLODE <ammo | reactor | stop> Initiate suicidal exploding of ammunition or fusion reactor.
DROPOFF Drop off any unit you were carrying.
PICKUP [target id] Pick up a unit for towing.
DUMP <weapnum | location | all | stop> Initiate or halt ammunition dumping.
FLIPARMS Flip arms to/from rear arc if feature is present on unit.
ECM Turn on/off ECM if present on unit.
EJECT Eject from your mech.
MASC Turn on/off MASC if present on mech.
LAND Land early from a jump, or land Dropship, VTOL, or Aero.
ROTTORSO <l | r | c>
TURRET <heading>
Rotate torso left, right, or center it. (Mech only)
Set turret heading for turret weapons.
SLIGHT Turn on/off searchlight if present on unit.
SPOT [spotter id | - | your id] Turn on spotting with someone as your spotter, no spotting, or yourself as a spotter.
STARTUP Initiate mech startup sequence.
SHUTDOWN Shutdown the mech.
C3MESSAGE <message> Send a message to unit with C3 if present on unit.
C3TARGETS Show targets of C3 units if present on unit.
C3MASTER [id | -] Set or unset your C3 master if C3 is present on unit.


AXE [r | l | b] [<target id>] Axe a target with Right, Left, or Both Axes if present on unit.
CHARGE [<target id> | -] Charge or cancel charge of a specific unit.
CHOP [r | l | b] [<target id>] Chop a target with Right, Left, or Both Swords if present on unit.
CLUB [<target id>] Club a target with a tree. Must be in a forest hex.
KICK [r | l ] Kick the default target with Right or Left leg.
PUNCH [r | l | b] [<target id>] Punch a target with Right, Left, or Both fists.
THRASH Try to shake off battlesuits swarming you.


CHECKSTATUS Check to see if unit is fully operational.
DAMAGES Display list of all damage to the unit.
FIX [<num> | <low - high>] Fix an item from the damages list.
FIXARMOR <loc> Fix armor in a location.
FIXINTERNAL <loc> Fix internals in a location.
REATTACH <loc> Reattach a section.
RELOAD <loc> <pos> [type] Reload an ammunition bay.
REMOVEGUN <num> Remove a gun.
REMOVEPART <loc> <pos> Remove any other part.
REMOVESECTION <loc> Remove a section.
REPLACEGUN [<num> | <loc> <pos>] [<part>] Replace a gun number, or location and position. Optional <part> to replace with different brand weapon.
REPLACEPART <loc> <pos> Replace any other part.
REPAIRPART <loc> <pos> Repair any other part.
REPAIRS Show current repairs pending on unit.
UNLOAD <loc> <pos> Unload ammunition from an ammunition bay.


LOADCARGO <name> <count> Loads up a specified number of a specified part from the bay.
MANIFEST Displays list of items currently carried by unit.
STORES Displays list of items currently stored in bay.
UNLOADCARGO <name> <count> Unloads a specified number of a specified part to the bay.