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Introduction, Part 2

In the beginning...
- Telnet and connecting
- Creating a character
- Setting up your character

Basic MUX
- Help and News
- Say, Pose, and Page
- @Mail
- Enter and Leave

BMI Introduction
- Starting Up
- Heading and Navigate
- Speed
- Turning while Moving
- Dropping Prone
- Jumping
- Status

- Sensors and Weather
- Lock
- Scan
- Tactical
- Long Range Scan
- Arc of Fire
- Rotating Torsos

Sighting and Firing
- Weapons
- Melee Attacks
- Weapon Tics
- Gunnery Modifiers
- Hit Locations
- Heat
- The End

Fun With Macros
- Adding Sets
- Commands

Repair Corps Handbook
- !commands
- Damage, Repair, Fix
- Guns, Ammo, Other
- Scrapping
- 'Mech Information

3030 Scenario Information
Combat Unit Commands
What is 3030MUX?
Live, Eat, Breathe 3030MUX
"I Can Do It Better!"

      The best and most interesting part of playing on 3030MUX is REALSPACE combat. RealSpace (or RS for short) is realtime action that takes skill and practice, but most of all time to learn. Here is the "BattleMech Instruction" pages to help you along.

This series of help topics is designed to teach the completely unexperienced mech driver the basic commands and concepts of mech combat. If you are looking for a list of all combat unit commands, look in Appendix B - Combat Unit Commands.


  • Original Author: Simon Jegede (and the MIT Crew)
  • Current version: Beaker, updated by Sneezy, updated again by Tony
  • Note: We have been given permission to use this copy of the BMI on this MUX. Thank you to William Hudson for copying it for us.
  • Translated into 3030MUX Training Page format and updated yet again by Tony, (nothing stays the same for long, it seems).

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