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Most actions dealing with other units in RS will require you to lock onto that unit before the action can be attempted. Locking a RS unit or hex sets it to become your default target. The lock command is used to lock your weapons utilizing, your primary and secondary sensors.

lock [<target id> | <x> <y> | <x> <y> <b|h|i|c> | -] is the format for the command.

When locking onto a target, it takes 8 game ticks for your targeting computer to fully achive the lock. Until this happens, you will have a +2 penalty modifer to all weapon/action BTHs.

The most common form of this command is to lock onto a target within LOS.

Graphic 4D

> lock bh
Target set to Al Scorpion [bh].
The sensors acquire a stable lock on Al Scorpion [bh].

Note that the solid lock message took 8 ticks to be displayed. You may have fired your weapons if you wished at this time, but would have had the +2 secondary target BTH modifer. The next argument is to unlock a target.

Graphic 4E

> lock -
All locks cleared.

Pretty straightforward.

This next form is used to lock onto a hex. When firing at a hex within LOS, you will make a roll based on visual sensors (no matter what sensor modes you currently have set) and modified by:

+1 for a single unit in the hex.
+0 for two units units the hex.
-1 for each additional unit above two in the hex.

If you hit, you will damage a randomly picked (with Mecha getting hit more often than vehicles) unit within that hex. This is to help break up large clusters of units gathering within a single hex.

Graphic 4F

> lock 35 35 Target coordinates set at (X,Y) 5, 5

The next three forms are variations on hex locking. Clear, ignite, hex, and building. These, respectively, allow you to clear a hex of woods, ignite a hex of woods, destroy bridge or ice in the hex and damage the Construction Factor (CF) of a building or hangar link. Again, BTH modifiers are based on visual sensors reguardles of what sensor mode you have set.

Graphic 4G

> lock 5 5 c
Target coordinates set to clearing hex at (X,Y) 5, 5
> lock 5 5 i
Target coordinates set to igniting hex at (X,Y) 5, 5
> lock 5 5 b
Target coordinates set to building at (X,Y) 5, 5
> lock 5 5 h
Target coordinates set to hex at (X,Y) 5, 5

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