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Introduction, Part 2

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Weapons are the tools by which a pilot allocates damage to the enemy. There are many different weapons, with a wide variety of ranges, damage potential and heat generation.

There are three general types of weapons:
      - Energy weapons.
      - Ballistic weapons.
      - Missle weapons.

The general command for sighting weapons is:

sight <weapon-number>

Sighting will show your Base-To-Hit (BTH) for the specified weapon, if fired at your default target, with your selected sensor lock mode.

Sighting is a good thing to do before firing usualy so you don't waste ammo or weapon recycle time on high BTH's.

The general command for firing weapons is:

fire <weapon-number> <target-id>

Which will fire the specified weapon at a specified target. If no target is specified, it will fire on the default target, which is set with the lock <target-id> command.


In general, all weapons have 3 ranges:

      - Long range: +4 to your Base-To-Hit (BTH)
      - Medium range: +2 to your BTH
      - Short range: +0 to your BTH

Some weapons have a minimum range. Firing a weapon at a range shorter than the minumum range, then there is a penalty of +1 to your BTH per hex below minimum range.

Example: An LRM-20, fired at range 3 has a 6 - 3 = +3 added to the BTH.

Not all weapons will recycle in the standard 30 game tick 'battle round'. Some have Variable Recycle Times (VRT). You can see the recycle time, range, heat, and damage of a weapon by typing weaponspecs.

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