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Introduction, Part 2

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BMI Introduction
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Sighting and Firing
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Fun With Macros
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Repair Corps Handbook
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The scan [<target-id> | <x y> | <x y> <b|h>] command gives a detailed report on another unit you have LOS with. If you are currently locked onto a target, you may use the scan command with no argument to get its status. Otherwise, you may enter an unit ID to get information on that unit. If you give a hex/have a hex locked onto, you will get the status of all units within that hex. Finally, if you are locked/enter a hex with the 'b' (building) argument given, you will get a current Construction Factor (CF) report of that hex. As noted in the above examples, scanning when you have a lock will give you a scan of that default target.

Graphic 4H

> scan dk

[dk]  Al Marauder               Tonnage: 75
      Range: 0.0 hex            Bearing: 270 degrees
      Speed: 0.0 KPH            Heading: 60 degrees
      X, Y, Z:   4,   1,   0    Heat: 0 deg C.
      Type: MECH                Movement: BIPED
      In Left Arm Weapons Arc

Key         FRONT                REAR                INTERNAL
**          (OO)                 (**)                  (OO)
XX       /OO|OO|OO\           /OO|OO|OO\            /OO|OO|OO\
xx      (OO/ || \OO)         (   |  |   )          (OO/ || \OO)
oo        /  /\  \               /  \                /  /\  \
OO       (OO/  \OO)             /    \              (OO/  \OO)

================WEAPON SYSTEMS================
----- Weapon ------ [##]  Location ---- Status
 ERPPC              [ 0]  Left Arm      Ready
 MediumPulseLaser   [ 1]  Left Arm      Ready
 ERPPC              [ 2]  Right Arm     Ready
 MediumPulseLaser   [ 3]  Right Arm     Ready
 GaussRifle         [ 4]  Right Torso   Ready

If you will notice, this display looks much like 'STATUS' on your own unit, with the exception that the armor display does not give exact values to you. You are instead given a vague estimation of the status of that location via both the character key on the left side, and (if you have ANSI available), colors. 'OO' if the bottom of the scale with least/no damage, and 'XX' represents a fully breeched/destroyed area.

This is what you will see if you scan a building hex with the 'b' argument:

Graphic 4I

> scan 40 40 b
The hardened building, Wizard's Base, in that hex has a CF of 1000

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