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Using the contacts command will give you a listing of all contacts within your selected sensors range. The gives information on the contact's designation, unit type, bearing, range, speed, heading, and general condition. There are several arguments and modes this can be done in.

Graphic 4A

> contacts
Line of Sight Contacts:
PSl[AA]B Be Rifleman  x:  4 y:  5 z:  0 r: 0.0 b:270 s:  0.0 h:  0 S:F
 S*[AB]B Be Stealth   x:  7 y: 10 z:  0 r:25.0 b:  0 s:  0.0 h:  0 S:
End Contact List

The first three characters in each contact line holds great significance. First two are your sensor indicator. 'P' means your primary set sensors have LOS with this contact, while a 'S means your secondary set sensors have LOS. Note it's possible for both your primary and secondary sensors to have LOS. Aditionally, sometimes (mainly when dealing with friendly contacts) you will be able to have a unit appear on contacts with no sensor having LOS with them. The third character indicates what arc that contact is in. '*' is front, 'v' is back, 'l' is left, and 'r' is right. Note that turning your torso in a mech will shift your arcs in that direction.

The two characters within the brackets is the unit ID of that particular unit. This is used for locking and other commands.

Right after this is a single character which tells you what type of unit that contact is. 'B' Mecha (biped), 'T' Tracked, 'H' Hover, 'W' Wheeled, 'V' VTOL, 'Q' Mech (quad), 'P' Pilot, and 'N' None.

The next twelve characters is the name of the unit, with the first two characters using being the factional ID.

'r:' is the range, 'b:' is the bearing, 's:' is the speed, and 'h:' is the heading.

The characters after the 'S:' mean 'F' fallen/prone, 'D' destroyed, 'J' jumping, and 'S' shutdown, 'T' towed, 'f' standing up, 's' starting up, 'L' searchlight on, 'l' lit up by a searchlight.

You can call up individual contacts by entering contacts <id>, or report <id>. This only works, of course, if you have sensor LOS to the unit.

Graphic 4B

> report xr
[xr]  Al Hata-Chi               Tonnage: 80
      Range: 4.0 hex            Bearing: 0 degrees
      Speed: 0.0 KPH            Heading: 270 degrees
      X, Y, Z:   4,   1,   0    Heat: 0 deg C.
      Type: MECH                Movement: BIPED
      In Forward Weapons Arc

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