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Introduction, Part 2

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Fun With Macros
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Repair Corps Handbook
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repairgun [weapon number]

When a weapon suffers a "glitch" such as a jam, misloaded round or electrical failure, this will be displayed on the "damages" listing. To correct this condition, use the "repairgun " command. The should correspond with the damaged weapons' number from the "status" command. The time for this repair is 20 minutes for a successful repair or 30 minutes for an unsuccessful repair. If the repair is unsuccessful, the weapon has been/was damaged beyond repair and must be replaced.

removegun [weapon number]

Sometimes, a pilot will want to have a specific weapon in his/her Mech upgraded. To do this, the offending weapon must first be removed. Once the Tech knows which weapon is to be removed, this command will start the removal process. On a successful or unsuccessful roll, the weapon is removed and takes approxmatly 1 hour per crit slot. On a critical failure, the weapon remains in the mech and the time is 1.5 hours per critical slot. This procedure should only be preformed with the consent of HC, the Head Technician and the pilot of the Mech.

replacegun [weapon number] [weapon name]

When a weapon has been destroyed, this command will allow the Tech to reinstall a new weapon of that type into the mech. This command is also used to upgrade a weapon that has been pulled/destroyed with a better brand. An example of this would be, if an HBK-4P had lost its 4th weapon (a Martell Medium Laser), and the Tech was instructed to replace it with a Magna brand, the command would be: replacegun 4 Magna.MediumLaser. The time for this repair is one hour per critical slot for a successful repair and 1.5 hours per critical slot for an unsuccessful repair.

repairpart [location] [critical number]

As parts such as actuators, Heat Sinks and Jump Jets are damaged, this command is used to replace those parts. After determining the location (rl=right leg, ll=left leg, etc.) and the critical slot, the repair can be entered. An example of this would be to repair the foot actuator on the right leg of a Mech. The command would be entered as: repairpart rl 4.

The time for a successful repair is 40 to 45 minutes and 1 hour for an unsuccessful repair.

reattach [location]

When a Mech has lost a section, this command will allow the Tech to attempt to rebuild that lost area. The s are the same as for all the other commands. The time to complete the rebuild varies from Mech to Mech but is usually around 3 hours. If the rebuild is unsuccessful, the repair may take up to six hours to complete and you will be told how much of the supplies were salvageable from the attempt.

reload [location] [crit number]

This command will refill the ammo bin in the Mech with the appropriate ammo. The and are the same as any of the commands. A successful reload takes 10 minutes and an unsuccessful reload takes 15 minutes.

Move on to scrapping commands in the next lesson.