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Introduction, Part 2

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Heading allows you to face a certain direction. Speed allows you to move
in that direction. Two important things to consider on the speed of a unit
is how fast it can walk and run (in vehicles this is known as cruise and
flank). By typing the command 'STATUS I' you will pull up information
about the unit you are in. One of the headings "MaxSpeed:". The number
after this heading represents the maximum speed your unit can move
(running/flank). How do you find the walking speed, you ask? Simple. You
do it by giving a speed command like 'SPEED 999'. The negitive speed is
your walking (cruise) speed when going forward.

> speed 999
Max speed is + 96 KPH and - 64 KPH.

In this example, your forward walking/cruise speed is 64 kph. This is
because you may only go backwards as fast as you can walk fowards.

At any speeds higher than your walking speed, even 0.1 above it, then you
will now be considered running. A negitive speed will walk you backwards.

To select a speed, you type the command 'SPEED <value>'. The value
given will be the speed you wish to accelerate to. Giving a speed outside
the max for your unit will return a message with your current maximums.

If you just type 'SPEED' with no value, it will report the current speed
you are currently at, even if you are accelerating or decelerating to a new

The acceleration or deceleration curve of the 'Mech is 1/10 the maximum speed
of your unit every game tick. Therefore, as currently configured, it will
take ten (10) ticks to reach any maximum speed from when standing still.

> speed 96
Desired speed changed to 96 KPH
> speed 999
Max speed is + 96 KPH and - 64 KPH
> speed -21
Desired speed changed to -21 KPH
> speed
Your current speed is -5.00.

Note that VTOL's have the additional commands of 'TAKEOFF', 'LAND',
and 'VERTICAL <value>'. First two are self-explanitory, while the third
determines how fast you are moving up or down vertically.

Running and walking in a unit affects it in terms of heat production and aim.
Walking will create 10 degrees of heat, running will create 20 degrees of
heat. In regards to aim, walking adds a modifier of 1 to your BaseToHit
(BTH) and running adds a modifier of 2 to your BTH.

End of section 3.

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