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Turning in a unit is based on its current speed and MaxSpeed. Note that turning while moving will slow you down. Also, quad 'mechs ('mechs that walk on all four legs), turn faster than bipedal 'mechs. While running, the unit will turn at a rate equal to its MaxSpeed divided by 10 (fractions are dropped) in degrees every game tick. The unit will turn at two times this number while walking and three times this number when standing still. Turning while prone is done at standing still rates. While jumping, the unit will turn at a rate equal to 6 times it's JumpRange.

Here is an example written out to clear up any confusion you might have.

MaxSpeed: 86

- Run-Turning Rate: 8 degrees per game tick
- Walk-Turning Rate: 16 degrees per game tick
- Motionless-Turning Rate: 24 degrees per game tick
(note motionless includes while prone)

MaxSpeed: 129 JumpRange 8

- Run-Turning Rate: 12 degrees per game tick
- Walk-Turning Rate: 24 degrees per game tick
- Motionless-Turning Rate: 36 degrees per game tick
- Jumping-Turning Rate: 48 degrees per game tick

Some things to keep in mind are as follows:

- Units that are moving slower than the walking speed will turn at the Walking-Turning Rate. This means that if one unit is walking at 35 and another at 15, both units will turn at the respective walking-turning rate for each unit. The only way to increase the turning rate is to decrease your speed to 0.

- Units that are moving faster than walking and less than the MaxSpeed of the unit will turn at a linear rate between the walking-turning rate and the running-turning Rate. This is explained below:

If your unit is running at a speed that is halfway between the difference of the unit's MaxSpeed and walking speed, the unit will turn at a rate of 1.5 * MaxSpeed / 10.

Essentially, if you are trying to turn faster than your opponent, do not slow down below the walking speed of your unit. This will only give your opponent a better chance of hitting you.

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