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Introduction, Part 2

In the beginning...
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Basic MUX
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BMI Introduction
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Sighting and Firing
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Fun With Macros
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Repair Corps Handbook
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Basic MUX, Part 2

As much fun as sending innumerable @mail messages back and forth would be, it would not be an effective method of having a conversation. Fortunately, there are three other commands that make this significantly easier. These are some of the easiest commands in the MUX to use, and probably some of the most important.

If you are in the same room as someone (remember the tutorial you took? Type look to see your surroundings. If you see the name of the person you want to talk to, he or she is most likely in your room) then you can use the say and pose commands. To use the commands, type say <message> or pose <message>. If your character is Jane, and you type say Hello!, everyone in the room will see this:

Jane says "Hello!"

If you then type, pose waves., everyone in the room will see this:

Jane waves.

You can also type: "<message> for a short way of typing say <message>, and :<message> for a short way of typing pose <message>.

Sometimes it is not possible to be in the same room as someone else, or it is inconvenient. Or maybe you just want to say something to only one person. No problem, use the page command. Page will send a message to one person, privately. To use it, type: page "<player name>"=<message>. The quotes are optional if you use the other player's ALIAS or if that player has a name with no spaces. For example, if Jane (who has an alias of J) wants to talk to Tony, she may type:

page Tony=Hi there, big guy!

Tony would see:

Jane (J) pages: Hi there, big guy!

Now that you've mastered using say, pose, and page, go on to the next section.