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Repair Corps Handbook
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The Technical Repair Corps Handbook

The Technical Repair Corps Handbook by Edward Grimm

Here is a listing of the technical commands for repairing mechs in the 3030 MUX. This is not a complete listing nor is it 100% accurate. As more information becomes available, the TRCH will be updated.

The format for the TRCH is to display a command as it would be entered to the MUX and then have the details about that command explained in plain English beneath it. Any values in greater than, less than (<,>) symbols represent information that needs to be determined from that specific Mech or weapon.

!transfer [Mech ref number]=[bay number]

This command moves a Mech between bays easily, instead of having to actually take the Mech outside and then to the desired bay. The bay reference are the same as if you were to enter the bay from the main hub of the base (i.e. 2=bay 2, 3=bay 3, rb=Repair Bay, etc.)


This command lists the repair stalls in the Repair Bay. Shown are the maximum weights the stall can hold and its reference number. Please not that the "Main Floor" is always designated as stall #0 (stall number zero).

!crane [Mech ref number]=[stall]

This command uses the powerful cranes to move mechs in and out of the various repair stalls in the Repair Bay. The Mech that is to be moved into a stall must be equal to or less than the weight of the stall.

enter [Mech ref number]

This allows a person to enter a Mech to check its current status. After entering a Mech, the various levels or armor, ammo and Internal Structure can be viewed to quickly determine the operational level of the mech.


Status allows the Tech to see the numerical values of the armor, IS, ammo and listing of the Mechs weapons. This can be an easy way to determine the size of repairs for that Mech.

See more tech commands in the next lesson.