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Introduction, Part 2

In the beginning...
- Telnet and connecting
- Creating a character
- Setting up your character

Basic MUX
- Help and News
- Say, Pose, and Page
- @Mail
- Enter and Leave

BMI Introduction
- Starting Up
- Heading and Navigate
- Speed
- Turning while Moving
- Dropping Prone
- Jumping
- Status

- Sensors and Weather
- Lock
- Scan
- Tactical
- Long Range Scan
- Arc of Fire
- Rotating Torsos

Sighting and Firing
- Weapons
- Melee Attacks
- Weapon Tics
- Gunnery Modifiers
- Hit Locations
- Heat
- The End

Fun With Macros
- Adding Sets
- Commands

Repair Corps Handbook
- !commands
- Damage, Repair, Fix
- Guns, Ammo, Other
- Scrapping
- 'Mech Information

3030 Scenario Information
Combat Unit Commands
What is 3030MUX?
Live, Eat, Breathe 3030MUX
"I Can Do It Better!"

Fun with Macros, Part 1

Macros are an invaluable tool for piloting combat units on 3030MUX. They shorten most commands considerably, making them easier to type (and less prone to mistakes).

1. First we will see which macro sets are available. Macro sets are collections of individual macros. Type:


Note that all macro-related commands start with a period.

The output will look something like this:

Graphic 5A

Num  Description                         Owner                     LRW
0    Generic                             Fingon                    -R-
16   DC Macros                           Paul Matra                -R-
20   Pendo's Monster Macros              Jasmine Ichiban           -R-
21   Strider's Set                       Strider                   -R-
23   Zak's Macs                          Zak Killmen               -R-
24   Combat Macros                       Forge Crater              -R-
25   Spock's Macros                      William Malter            -R-
26   Tech stuff                          Albert Huang              LR-
28   Iceman's Top Gun Macs               Iseykawa Ieyasu           -R-
36   Tanker's Macros                     Richard Mallory           -R-
43   Needful Things!                     Kerm Woodston             LR-
45   Combat/Recon                        Thrantor Youngblood       -R-

2. We want to have the basic set for now. Once you learn more about macros, you may find other sets that you like better or have more options. To add the basic set (Macro set #0) to your macros, type:

.add 0

3. To see what macros you have, type:


You will see something like this:

Graphic 5B

#: Num  Description                         Owner                     LRW
0: 0    Generic                             Fingon                    -R-
Current Macro Slot: -1

You can see that macro set #0 (the general set) was added to your slot #0.

Once you have added the general set, move on to the next lesson.