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3030MUX Training Home

Introduction, Part 2

In the beginning...
- Telnet and connecting
- Creating a character
- Setting up your character

Basic MUX
- Help and News
- Say, Pose, and Page
- @Mail
- Enter and Leave

BMI Introduction
- Starting Up
- Heading and Navigate
- Speed
- Turning while Moving
- Dropping Prone
- Jumping
- Status

- Sensors and Weather
- Lock
- Scan
- Tactical
- Long Range Scan
- Arc of Fire
- Rotating Torsos

Sighting and Firing
- Weapons
- Melee Attacks
- Weapon Tics
- Gunnery Modifiers
- Hit Locations
- Heat
- The End

Fun With Macros
- Adding Sets
- Commands

Repair Corps Handbook
- !commands
- Damage, Repair, Fix
- Guns, Ammo, Other
- Scrapping
- 'Mech Information

3030 Scenario Information
Combat Unit Commands
What is 3030MUX?
Live, Eat, Breathe 3030MUX
"I Can Do It Better!"

3030MUX Training

This is a list of the current lessons available on the 3030MUX Training Page.

Lesson 1 - In the beginning...

Connecting to the MUX, creating a character, and setting it up to start playing.

Lesson 2 - Basic MUX

Basic and absolutely neccessary MUX commands.

Lesson 3 - BattleMech Instructions - 1

Chapter One of the step-by-step method of teaching piloting and combat.

Lesson 4 - BattleMech Instructions - 2

Chapter Two of the step-by-step method of teaching piloting and combat.

Lesson 5 - BattleMech Instructions - 3

Chapter Three of the step-by-step method of teaching piloting and combat.

Lesson 6 - Fun with Macros

How to use shortened versions of all your favorite commands.

Lesson 7 - Technical Repair Corps Handbook

Detailed information on essential Technician commands. By Edward Grimm.

Appendix A - 3030 Scenario Information

Descriptions of the different aspects of the economy and scenario on 3030 currently.

Appendix B - Combat Unit Commands

List of all valid commands inside of a combat unit and a brief description of what they do.

Appendix C - What is 3030MUX?

Common misconceptions about what 3030MUX is and is not finally set straight.

Appendix D - Live, Eat, Breathe 3030MUX

How to help out with 3030MUX.

Appendix E - "I Can Do It Better!"

Interested in starting your own BattleTech MU*?


Index of the 3030MUX Training Page glossary. Includes terms on everything from Tinyplots to Realspace to Objects.